Pinehurst Alternate Shot

1. Players may pick their own partner, or sign up as an individual and the Tournament Committee will assign partners. There will be a minimum handicap difference of at least five (5) points enforced between the partners. For example, a Team will be considered valid if Player A has a 2.1 Handicap Index and Player B has at least an 7.1 Handicap Index at the time they signed up for the Tournament.

2. Play will be from the Blue Tees for all but the last Flight. They will play from the White Tees.

3. Flights will be determined based on the combined handicaps of the team taking 75% of Player As Handicap Index and 25% of Player Bs Handicap Index. Payouts will be determined based on the number of entrants.

4. All flights will play Gross.

5. Both players will hit a tee shot. Then, the players will swap shots - with the A Player hitting Player B's ball, and vice versa.

6. After the second shot has been played by both players, the team will select one ball to play and alternate shots from that point until the hole is completed. Continue this way until the putt has been holed.

7. All putts must be holed out. No gimmies.

8. The ball is to be played as it lies unless otherwise stated in the clubhouse on Saturday morning. You may not switch balls during play of the hole.

9. Remember to sign and attest your scorecards.

10. If there is a question on a ruling, play 2 balls and ask for a ruling in the pro shop.

11. Ties will be determined with a scorecard playoff beginning with the back nine score, then the front nine score if needed. If this does not decide it, we will start with the #1 handicap hole and so forth until the tie is broken.

12. Range finders that measure yardage only are allowed.

13. This is not a postable round!